For more than 20 years, our group has helped over 15,000 people with disability, injury or health conditions to overcome their challenges.

NDIS therapy services

LiveBig delivers flexible support tailored to the individual needs and preferences. We provide a wide range of disability services, including NDIS funded direct services and therapies including:

  • Innovative Community Participation
  • Exercise Physiology / Personal Training; and
  • Therapeutic Supports

Types of services

Occupational therapy

Enabling you to be as independent as possible and participate in everyday activities, whether it be eating, dressing, going to school or work. We can assist you by:

  • identifying equipment solutions for daily living and mobility needs.
  • developing your daily living skills, such as dressing, bathing and household tasks.
  • developing play and social interaction skills.
  • assessment of functional living skills to assist in identifying your support needs, to assist with NDIS planning, housing solutions and to support life transitions.
  • assisting with minor home modification solutions to enable access, participation and independence.
  • enabling active participation at preschool, school and work by addressing cognitive, sensory, and motor needs that impacts upon your performance in these environments.
Speech pathology

For help with communication and swallowing difficulties at all ages so you can:

  • talk to and understand family, friends and others, verbally or using other methods.
  • participate in academic, workplace and social settings.
  • enjoy mealtimes and manage swallowing difficulties.

Communication difficulties include the areas of speech, language, fluency (stuttering) and voice.


For help being part of the wider community if you or a loved one is living with disability, working with parents, carers, schools and other services:

  • multi-disciplinary assessment to identify influencing factors
  • understanding restrictive practices legislation

Our behaviour support services are currently under development and are coming soon.


For help with:

  • walking, posture, strength, balance and/or other forms of mobility
  • exercise programs and advice around sport and recreation activities, including for carers or support workers
  • being independent in physical activities
  • mobility equipment, walkers, orthotics, shoes and other equipment
Exercise physiology

For help with achieving your goals through movement, like having an exercise plan, weight loss, increasing strength, improving balance and co-ordination, or even better overall physical health.

Your journey with us

When you contact us, we won’t take long to get back to you. You’ll be told the name of the therapist who’ll be helping you and a little about them. We’ll also send you a video explaining your journey with LiveBig.

We’ll work with you to create a personalised therapy plan to reach your goals and Think Big. You’ll get a monthly statement from us so you can clearly see how much money you’ve spent on what services, and how much funding you have left.

Of course, we’ll keep in touch to check everything is going well. The NDIS can be confusing and we want to make it easier for you.

We’ll never treat you like a number, that’s a Big Promise. We help the whole person, to find the real you inside. We’ll help create a personalised therapy plan together with the important people in your life. We’re available outside of standard office hours to fit in with you.

Helping kids

We’ve got experience helping children in schools who need therapy services. We’re skilled at balancing a child’s personal NDIS plan and a school’s requirement to help a child access the curriculum through adjustments.

In the early years, some children need extra support to reach developmental milestones. We have an evidenced-based and family-centred approach, looking at every child’s strengths, difficulties, age and stage of development. We can support everyday routines through:

  • Assistive technology and modifications
  • Developing a child’s communication and social interaction
  • Helping a child to understand emotions and behaviours.

Partners and referrals

Fostering positive partnerships is the backbone of LiveBig, together with our sister companies Rehab Management and AimBig Employment. With over two decades of partnerships behind us, we have the appropriate systems and account management processes in place. This means you can rely on a responsive, professional service to help you get all the information you need and general assistance in navigating the NDIS.

We work with each referrer to understand the specific needs of the participant and how we can best help all stakeholders involved.

Our specialised staff

LiveBig has a Big Reach across the country, with 96 locations nationwide. This means extensive clinical networks and therapy teams led by senior professionals with decades of experience in private practice, not-for-profit and Government services.

Our people focus on getting things right for each person and their family. Whether you have simple, moderate or very complex needs, we want to help you LiveBig.